Friday, March 7, 2014

Time for a new ride...

My poor van had been through so much - many little kiddos, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts- many miles traveled on trips - many spilled meals and drinks in the back. It was just time go.  I hate - cannot express how much I hate - car shopping!  Thankfully, hubby is great and he does most of it and narrows things down to a couple of choices for me.

This time, I knew what I needed to have - enough seats to transport kiddos - space for travel necessities - good gas mileage - easy for the kiddos to learn to drive in (what !?!?!). We had narrowed it down to a Chevy Traverse and a Dodge Durango. We looked at a Durango first- I was on the fence about it, Rog drove it around for a bit and I just got behind the seat to drive it up the hill. I was pretty convinced that the Traverse was going to be 'the one'.  We took the kiddos to their field trip- other moms there drive a Traverse - I was actually almost excited to go test drive it. When we got there, it just didn't jump out at me like I thought it would. I drove it - it was ok - wasn't crazy about the space - or lack of it. When the salesman asked Roger what was he thinking, his reply was not to ask him, that it was all me.  My reply - I was thinking I needed to go back and drive the Durango. 

We got back to the Dodge lot and when I got back in the drivers seat- I knew that one was the one. So, they gave us a nice chunk for the van - I was almost sad when we cleaned it out...however, after driving the Durango - I think I'm over it!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Homeschool class at museum - Chemical Solutions

Apparently, these have been going on for a while, but we just learned of them and decided to check them out.

MidAmerica Science Museum in Hot Springs AR offers one day homeschool classes!  The first one we discovered was Chemical Solutions. Rog took the day off and we headed to Hot Springs for the day. 

Parents aren't allowed to stay, so I'm not really sure what all exactly was learned during the class - all I can get from them was it was fun and I think I made a new friend!  Well, I guess if they had fun then that counts for something, right? I guess next time, unless there are pictures or they can tell me more about it, they can write me a paper? 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Part of Rotary Luncheon Program

Samantha was invited to be a part of the Roatry Club of Little Rock's monthly luncheon. This month, they were honoring Scouting - this year, the focus was Girl Scouts. The adult scout in charge wanted a girl from each level to participate in flag and then share a little about scouting. One of my Senior Scours was chosen for that part, another Cadette was chosen, but another scout was needed for the Color Guard at the last minute and Samantha was pulled in to help.

She was super excited about it - I was nervous for her - they all did great!! 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ready to start new meds!!

After many days back and forth to many appointments & many meds - I am finally able to start on Benlysta. I'm a little nervous to start, but I'm ready to also! Really hoping this is what I need to get back on track! 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bathroom Makeover Complete!!

Our bathroom floor was getting squishy, so we decided it was time to do a complete bathroom make-over.  

We had light yellow walls and rubber duckies in the bathroom.  I found a shower curtain I liked and we worked around it.  I thought the butterflies we painted in November were going to match it - I was WAY WRONG!  However, I did find a painting class that was offering something that did match.  

We started off painting the once white trim a light brown.  The light yellow walls became a fairly deep blue.  The rubber duckies all came off the wall and the duckie shower curtain came down.  Our once white floors (yes, white - I know, what was I thinking??) became a fake wood look. We framed the mirror and hung the owl pictures that Samantha and I painted at Painting With A Twist. It is pretty dark in there right now, but we have another light that we are going to install.  Once I get that, and a toilet paper holder, I think it will be good to go!!  

On a side note - anyone need any rubber duckies for their bathroom? I have tons of stuff!!